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Northside Uniting Church, Mackay, currently has a Christian Bookstall stocked with resources (mainly books) from Koorong.  What you see here is what we presently have in stock.  As items are sold they are removed from our website.  You may use the “contact us” feature on this website to arrange a time to visit the bookstall.  It is automatically available after church on Sunday mornings, and during youth group on Friday evenings, 6.30-9pm.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongThe Toward the Goal - Kaka Story (Zonderkidz Biography Series (Zondervan))

Jeremy V. Jones. Paperback. 160 pages.

“I learnt that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.”

At the age of eight, Ricardo Kaka already knew what he wanted in life: to play soccer for Brazil. He started playing in front of his friends and family, but when he suffered a crippling injury doctors told him he would never play again. Through faith and perseverance Kaka recovered, and today he plays in front of thousands of fans every year. As the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year and winner of the Ballon d’Or, this midfielder has become one of the most recognized faces on the soccer field.

– Publisher

(1 copy)

View at KoorongThrough My Father's Eyes (Incl. 24-page Color Insert)

Franklin Graham. Paperback. 336 pages.

Many have written about Billy Graham, the evangelist. This is the first book about Billy Graham, the father, written from the perspective of a son who knew him best.

As a beloved evangelist and a respected man of God, Billy Graham’s stated purpose in life never wavered: to help people find a personal relationship with God through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This was a calling that only increased over time, and Billy embraced it fully throughout his active ministry and beyond. Yet Billy pursued his life’s work, as many men do, amid a similarly significant calling to be a loving husband and father.

While most people knew Billy Graham as America’s pastor, Franklin Graham knew him in a different way, as a dad. And while present and future generations will come to their own conclusions about Billy Graham and the legacy that his commitment to Christ has left behind, no one can speak more insightfully or authoritatively on that subject than a son who grew up in the shadow of his father’s life and the examples of his father’s love. This vulnerable book is a look at both Billy Graham the evangelist and Billy Graham the father, and the impact he had on a son who walked in his father’s steps while also becoming his own man, leading ministries around the world, all of it based on the foundational lessons his father taught him.

“My father left behind a testimony to God,” says Franklin, “a legacy not buried in a grave but still pointing people to a heaven-bound destiny. The Lord will say to my father, and to all who served Him obediently, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ [Matthew 25:21

(1 copy)

View at KoorongTaking My Life Back: My Story of Faith, Determination and Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing

Rebekah Gregory, Anthony Flacco. Paperback. 272 pages.

On April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory and her five-year-old son waited at the finish line of the Boston Marathon to support a friend who was running. When the blast of a homemade bomb packed with nails and screws went off three feet away, Rebekah’s legs took the brunt of the explosion, protecting her son from certain death. Seventeen surgeries and sixty-five procedures later, she finally made the decision to have her left leg amputated.

This stirring memoir tells the story of her remarkable recovery–including her triumphant return to Boston two years later to run part of the race and her participation in the trial of one of the terrorists–and explores the peace we experience when we learn to trust God with every part of our lives: the good, the bad, and even the terrifying.

“Riveting . . . transparent . . . compelling . . . hopeful. Rebekah is not only a survivor. She’s an overcomer! And she has the scars on the inside and outside to show for her journey to a new normal. Taking My Life Back is a rollercoaster triumph of faith over depression, defeat, and evil. There is a revelation on each page. God is still in control. While life often offers so many reasons to be bitter . . . God wants us to be better. Read Taking My Life Back and you’ll find out why and how.”
–Don Piper, New York Times bestselling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven

(1 copy)

View at KoorongSoul Surfer (Faith Family & Fighting Back After Shark Attack)

Bethany Hamilton. Paperback. 240 pages.

The amazing true story of the teenage surfer girl who lost her arm in a shark attack but never lost her faith in God – and of her triumphant return to competitive surfing. Ages 13+.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongSeven Women and the Secret of Their Greatness

Eric Metaxas. Paperback. 256 pages.

The award-winning author of Bonhoeffer and Seven Men presents fascinating biographical sketches of seven of history’s greatest women, each of whom left an enduring legacy by following God’s call upon her life. The subjects are: Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Maria Skobtsova, Corrie ten Boom, Mother Teresa, and Rosa Parks.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongSeven Men and the Secret of Their Greatness

Eric Metaxas. Paperback. 272 pages.

Seven exquisitely crafted short portraits of widely known – but not well understood – Christian men, each of whom uniquely showcases a commitment to live by certain virtues in the truth of the gospel. The subjects include: William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Charles Colson, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongMud, Sweat and Tears (Childrens Edition)

Bear Grylls. Paperback. 352 pages.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongMr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace

Roy Williams, Elizabeth Meyers. Paperback. 312 pages.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Australian Christian Book of the Year Award.

Almost every day for 35 years, Arthur Stace spent hours writing a single word – Eternity – on and around the streets of Sydney. Sometimes his mission took him much further afield, to country New South Wales and even to Melbourne.

Stace’s identity was a mystery for more than two decades. Then, after his ‘unmasking’ in 1956, he became a reluctant folk hero. By the time he died, in 1967, his was a household name and the word Eternity was ingrained in the soul of Sydney. It still is.

In this long-awaited biography, the full story of Arthur Stace’s life is told for the first time in vivid and often surprising detail. Drawing upon many original sources, some never before made public, this book will engross Christians and non-believers alike – anyone who loves a great Australian story.

Black and white illustrations; colour plates.

Roy Williams won the Sydney University Medal in law in 1986 and spent 20 years in the legal profession before turning his hand to writing. His first and best-known book, God, Actually (2008), was a defence of Christianity for the educated layperson. A bestseller in Australia on release, it has since been published in Britain and North America. Roy’s next two books – In God They Trust? (2013) and Post-God Nation? (2015) – focused on Australian history and society, and have been widely praised by believers and agnostics alike. Mr Eternity is his first full-length biography.

Elizabeth Meyers’ father, Lisle Thompson, was the minister of Burton Street Baptist Tabernacle in Darlinghurst from 1951 to 1964 and also a dear friend and mentor of Arthur Stace. Elizabeth worked as a teacher for 26 years after attending Sydney Unversity and qualifying in early childhood/special education. She and her husband Lionel have two daughters and four grandchildren. Elizabeth has written this biography of Arthur Stace with Roy Williams to fulfil a promise to her mother, May, as Lisle Thompson received permission from Arthur to write his life story ‘only after his death.’

(1 copy)

View at KoorongTen Girls Who Changed the World (Lightkeepers Series)

Irene Howat. Mass Market. 160 pages.

TEN CHILDREN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD SERIES: Would you like to change your world? Discover the examples of boys and girls like Billy Graham, Corrie ten Boom, Eric Liddell, Helen Keller and many more – and find out what God wants you to do! Ages 8-12.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongIn God They Trust?

Roy Williams. Hardback. 288 pages.

(2 copies)

View at KoorongHurt Road: The Music, the Memories, and the Miles Between

Mark Lee. Paperback. 224 pages.

Poignant, funny, and thoughtful, this personal memoir of Third Day guitarist Mark Lee takes readers on a journey through life’s unexpected twists and turns. On the way, Mark’s story reveals what it means to embrace life as it is: a moment-by-moment walk with God.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongBilly Graham - America's Pastor (Heroes Of History Series)

Geoff Benge, Janet Benge. Paperback. 208 pages.

From his first outdoor evangelistic meeting in 1949, Billy Graham’s focus remained the same: to proclaim Christ. This engaging biography helps children aged 8 and over to appreciate the extraordinary ministry and impact of Billy Graham. Ages 8-12.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongHiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus

Rifqa Bary. Paperback. 240 pages.

Rifqa Bary grew up in a devout Muslim home, obediently following her parents’ orders to practice the rituals of Islam. But God was calling her to freedom and love. He was calling her to true faith. He was calling her to give up everything. Leaving Islam for Christianity cost her more than she imagined but gave more than she could have dreamed.

Hiding in the Light is the story of Rifqa’s remarkable spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity. It is also the untold story of how she ran from her father’s threats to find refuge with strangers in Florida, only to face a controversial court case that reached national headlines. Most of all, it is the story of a young girl who made life-changing sacrifices to follow Jesus – and who inspires us to do the same.

Teens and young adults will be moved by Rifqa’s story of standing up to religious persecution, literally giving up everything to follow her faith.

“Enrapturing heart and spirit, Rifqa masterfully shares insights into immigrant Muslim life, tearing the veil of mystery with the power of the gospel. Although chronicling her own account, her words echo the cries of young Muslim women worldwide, and manifest on each page is the signature of our sovereign God. Rifqa’s story is authored by Jesus-come read what He’s written.” – Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, best-selling author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus and speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

“An extraordinary glimpse into the faith of a Christ-follower and the sovereignty of God. Rifqa’s story informs, inspires, and empowers.” – Max Lucado, pastor and author.

“My story begins in Sri Lanka. I grew up in a Muslim home, a very devout Muslim home. I remember my father was one of the leaders of the mosque. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember being surrounded by Islamic culture and Islamic tradition; that is what I breathed… I had heard about Jesus in the sense that Jesus is a man. But I actually didn’t know that you could become a Christian; I thought that you were born into it the same way that I was born into being a Muslim… What changed that is that one night I had a fight with my brother where I ended up being physically harmed and it was just, I was done. I emotionally felt broken to pieces and physically I was hurting and I was at the point of, okay if this is all life has to offer I don’t want it. I’m done with life… And I remembered hearing from someone that I could pray, not in Arabic – because how you pray in Islam is that you pray in Arabic and I didn’t know Arabic – but praying with my own heart, with my own words, like talking to God. That just astounded me. And so that night I got on my knees and I cried out, I said God, if you’re real, show me who you are. If you’re Buddah, if you’re Allah, if you’re Jesus, whoever you are – I remember weeping and crying – stop hiding from me! And I said, if this is the truth then I will give my life to it.

The biggest difference is love… It’s a story of finding out the beauty of Jesus and, in that, leaving everything behind.” – Rifqa Bary.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongThe Heavenly Man

Paul Hattaway, Yun (Brother). Paperback. 352 pages.

This is an intensely dramatic autobiography of one of China’s house church leaders, a man who, despite his relative youth, (he is in his mid forties) has suffered prolonged torture and imprisonment for his faith. The book challenges any complacency about the situation in China: persecution is a daily reality for millions. This is the story of how God took a young, half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan province and used him mightily to preach the gospel despite intense persecution.

The book The Heavenly Man was awarded the Christian Book of the Year in 2003 The title comes from the name by which Brother Yun was known amongst the house church networks. He gained that name from one night of interrogation when he would only answer “I am a heavenly man!”, instead of revealing his true name, in order to protect other Christians from the police.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongGolden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry

Marcus Thompson. Paperback. 288 pages.

The incredible and inspiring story of 2017 NBA champion Stephen Curry, the greatest shooter basketball has ever seen, and the ascension of the Golden State Warriors, a team on the verge of being an NBA dynasty, by long-time Warriors beat reporter and Bay Area News Group sports columnist Marcus Thompson.

When it comes to Stephen Curry – point guard for the Golden State Warriors and reigning MVP of the NBA – journalists, fans, and sports analysts are running out of ways to say “wow.” Deemed too small and too short at 6’3 and 180 pounds by NBA coaches around the league, Curry has taken the game back from the bigger men who usually dominate the court. With his incredible shooting ability that started a “three-point revolution” he led the Warriors to seventy-three wins in the 2015-2016 season, beating out Michael Jordan and the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ long-time record.

Told by Marcus Thompson, a lifelong Warriors insider who has been reporting on the team for twelve seasons, Golden is the definitive story of this singular talent. Thompson explores this all-star player, his love for the game and his team, and his close-knit and supportive family-including his Instagram celebrity chef wife Ayesha and adorable young daughters. From avid fans to newcomers of the sport, Curry has become a role model for both children and aspiring players everywhere. And he leads the ultimate team, a collection of talent and personalities that complement Curry’s game and push him to heights no one ever imagined for a kid from Davidson or this beleaguered franchise. These Warriors have carved out their place in history as one of the most memorable and transformative the NBA has ever seen. And they are led by a superstar who has solidified his place among the greats.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongThe Final Race: The Incredible World War II Story of the Olympian Who Inspired Chariots of Fire

Eric T Eichinger. Paperback. 288 pages.

On July 19, 1924, Eric Liddell was on top of the world.

He was the most famous Briton at the time, having just won the gold in the Olympic 400-meter race. The story of that race – and the one he didn’t run – was told in the popular movie classic Chariots of Fire.

But what most of us don’t know is what became of Eric Liddell in the years after the credits rolled. As the storm clouds of World War II rolled in, Eric had already made decisions in his life that gave him the resilience to stand tall while others fell into despair. His strength of character led him to choose an uncertain future in China during World War II in order to continue helping the Chinese. He lived purposefully even as his world crumbled and he experienced the horror and deprivations of a Japanese internment camp.

Eric’s story is a story of hope in the face of uncertainty, resilience in the face of unspeakable odds, and inspiring vision of what life means, even when the final hour comes.

The first race you run isn’t your most important one. It’s the final race that matters most.
You won’t want to miss this story of an Olympian who chose the better way.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongA Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael

Elisabeth Elliot. Hardback.

A Chance to Die is a vibrant portrayal of Amy Carmichael, an Irish missionary and writer who spent fifty-three years in south India without furlough. There she became known as Amma or ‘mother’, as she founded the Dohnavur Fellowship, a refuge for underprivileged children.

Amy’s life of obedience and courage stands as a model for all who claim the name of Christ. She was a woman with desires and dreams, faults and fears, who gave her life unconditionally to serve her Master. Bringing Amma to life through inspiring photos and compelling biographical narrative, Elisabeth Elliot urges readers to examine the depths of their own commitment to Christ.

(1 copy)

View at KoorongBonhoeffer (Student Edition)

Eric Metaxas. Paperback. 256 pages.

Eric Metaxas’ bestselling biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is here adapted and abridged for younger readers. This is the compelling story of a theologian and pastor who had the courage to follow his convictions and stand up for others threatened by the Nazi regime. Ages 12+.

(2 copies)

View at KoorongBetween Heaven and the Real World: My Story

Steven Curtis Chapman, Ken Abraham. Paperback. 320 pages.

Endorsements for Between Heaven and the Real World by Steven Curtis Chapman

The first time I met Steven Curtis Chapman was at my rehearsal dinner for Chris and I’s wedding in Saratoga, NY. He and Mary Beth were kind enough to fly up, and Steven sang a few songs during our ceremony. That was the beginning of what is now one of the most cherished friendships we have. In the five years since then, I have learned so much about how to walk through life, a life filled with unbelievable highs and unthinkable lows, bravely leaning on the peace and comfort that only God can give us. The way Steven lives, the honest, real stories he has shared, and the encouragement he has given me has had a profound impact on my life. I know that will be how everyone who reads this book will feel, too.
– Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum

We loved Steven Curtis Chapman’s deeply personal book, Between Heaven and the Real World! Each story he tells and each life circumstance he shares is an illustration of the “glorious unfolding” of God’s plan for him, Mary Beth and their incredible children. As fans from almost the beginning, Steven’s songs have mirrored each stage in our own family and ministry, including grieving the loss of a dearly beloved child. When I list the most helpful things that have helped us grieve our son, Beauty Will Rise is always in the top three. Thank you, Steven, for allowing so many of us to grow closer to Jesus through the stories your music tell.
– Pastor Rick and Kay Warren, Saddleback Church

Millions have been inspired by the music of my friend Steven Curtis Chapman – his words and melodies have found their way into countless hearts, ushering in the life-giving truth of Jesus. I believe this book will do the very same thing – for the ‘up-close’ Steven is just as inspiring as the one we find on stage. As he tells his personal story of faith through this book, many will find hope, strength and inspiration for their own journey.
– Matt Redman, songwriter

When Steven wrote the song “The Great Adventure” I wonder if he had any idea how adventurous his life would be. While no one can anticipate the highest highs and the lowest lows of their journey, Steven has invited us to experience all of it with him through his honest music and storytelling. We are all changed for the better as a result of it.
– Amy Grant

We all have a story. But few of us have a story as dramatic and redemptive as the one of Steven Curtis Chapman. His music has touched millions of hearts. May his story touch even more.
– Max Lucado, New York Times Bestselling Author

I have had the great honor of knowing, sharing the stage with, and making music with my good friend Steven Curtis Chapman. This book is an amazing insight into the heart and spirit of a living legend in Christian music. One who not only has given us incredible music and messages in the past, but also continues to create great music now that inspires and encourages.
– Mac Powell, Grammy Award winning songwriter and lead singer of Third Day

To me, SCC has always been the gold standard of Christian music. His influence on me and my music has been more that I could ever say in words. No doubt Steven is a phenomenal songwriter, musician and artist. However, as I have gotten to know him more, I have come to realize the power and impact of his music comes from a place of deep humility. I am honored to call Steven a friend, and so happy to recommend his story to you in Between Heaven & The Real World.
– Chris Tomlin

It’s been my privilege over the last eighteen years to call Steven Curtis Chapman a friend. But you don’t have to know him personally to know his heart, or to know his story. His music and lyrics have spoken to millions. He’s the Michael Jordan of Christian music. When you read Between Heaven & the Real World you will come to know a man who has walked the walk with an incredible grace, and a rock solid faith. If you like his songs wait till you read this book!
– Ernie Johnson, Jr., Studio Host– Inside the NBA on TNT

By any measure Steven Curtis Chapman has left his mark on the music industry. Not only has he been recognized with countless awards and accolades – he is loved by people all over the world. How amazing that with all his success – his legacy will be bigger and longer lasting than any of the trophies. What Steven and Marybeth have accomplished in the world of adoption is unparalleled. Caring for the widows and the orphans is a great command and I don’t know anyone who has answered that call with greater passion than my friend Steven Curtis Chapman.
– Michael W. Smith, Singer/Songwriter

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