Back to Basics – What Next?

This message was provided on video, which has since been removed. What follows is extra remarks following the message.

Too many people try to put God in a box; that is, to limit God and describe how God is always going to do things. God is way bigger than that.

We are too familiar with being scientists. We like to know how things work, and once we do we like to then manipulate those things to our greatest benefit.

You can’t study God, and you certainly can’t manipulate God for your benefit or any other purpose.

What we do have instead of study, is revelation. By revelation I mean what God has told us, most clearly through Jesus, about himself. God has made certain promises. God has self-described to a certain extent so we can “know” what God is like.

But do not think for one minute that this revelation is complete, or that our understanding of it is precise. We have the limitations of language and our own brains. If we had a full understanding of God, we would be the gods and God would be less than us. But that is sooo not the case. God is so much bigger than us and our thoughts.

Having said all of that, Jesus makes it plain that we are very much wanted, indeed loved.

The passionate, determined, eternal love of God towards us is truly remarkable. That love, (agape in the original Greek) is not some sentimental, gooey-eyed love that might change after a honeymoon period. It is the eyes-wide-open reality-facing love that is willing to sacrifice all for the good of the one who is loved.

But of course this love of God wants the best for you – the real best. That means God is going to work for your eternal good, despite whatever temporary good you might desire. Many of our temporary wants in this world are positively bad for us. God will work for your good.

It also doesn’t mean that you will receive a “golden ticket” that steps around all the hardships of life. God’s promise is to be with us, whatever comes. But good and bad will come our way, just like everyone else in this world. Plus we may be hated for loving and following Jesus.

In the coming weeks we will be talking about various promises of Jesus, and observed truths about the Christian life. Our goal is that you know the essentials of what God has put in place for those who follow Jesus.

Just as I pray for your sincere ‘Yes’ to Jesus, so I also pray you will apply yourself to the remaining weeks of our series because they may just make a difference in the way you follow Jesus, and whether you will complete the journey.

But above, don’t stress. It was Jesus who called you into this journey, and he will sustain you along the way. It is perhaps his most precious promise – “I will never leave you.”

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