UCA 40th Anniversary Dinner

Every year around the 22nd June, we celebrate the Anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia.

In 1977, three Australian churches came together as one – The Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches – resulting in the Uniting Church in Australia. We are the people of God on the Way, a diverse group of many cultures and understandings of faith that will bring us into deeper unity with others.

The Uniting Church in Australia is getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary, remembering where we have come from and how far we can go together. We would like to invite you to come and enjoy our birthday celebrations with guest speaker, Rev. Prof. James Haire.

Where: 7 Brooks St, West Mackay
When: 6:30pm 24th June 2017
RSVP: 20th June 2017 – you can RSVP through the “contact us” form on this website and we’ll pass it on.

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