Good Friday (14 Apr 2017)

Readings: John 18:1-14, John 18:19-24, 28-40, John 19:16-42, Isaiah 52:13-53:9.

This message was not delivered from notes, so what appears here is simply the heart of the message.

The cross works in our favour in two ways:

  • First, it deals with our sins – those things we have done which are an offence against God.  We are guilty of willfully committing enough of these sins that it isn’t necessary to analyse each one. We are clearly guilty. But by Jesus’ death of that cross we are forgiven.  Why or how is not really our business, but we are told that is the result for us.  Some say Jesus takes our place; some say he pays the price.  These are ways to try to explain them, and they are in the Bible, but in the end what we need to know it that our sins are forgiven.
  • Second, it strikes at the root of the problem and deals with the problem of sin.  You might call it a disease that afflicts us, and compels us to commit these sins.  How, then, has the cross of Jesus dealt with the problem?  We are invited into the Kingdom of God as people of Jesus.  Our citizenship in that kingdom means we answer to the rules of our new King.  And his rules say that grace and forgiveness lead to life.  The old law of sin leading to death no longer applies.  We have inherited life through Jesus’ death.  Again, how or why is not our concern; but that it is done is the greatest news we will ever receive.

So there is the heart of the the matter.  On the cross Jesus has fully dealt with our sins in particular and sin in general, and we are children of the King of Glory.