Sunday 16 February 2020

This is the worship service from Northside Uniting Church (Mackay), Sunday 16 February 2020 (After Epiphany #5).

Bible Readings: Deuteronomy 30:15-20, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, Matthew 5:21-37.

As usual, there is always something that doesn’t go to plan. This week is was the Rev Wayne forgot to edit the words for the Bible readings, so they don’t appear up on the screen. However we have sorted out the last issue in relation to audio recording, and the music recording is now about as good as we can get it. It is been a long road!

You can click on the link for each video, view on DropBox, or download to use locally. Or you can view the videos on our page below.

If you want to access the whole service (unedited), then this is the first video on the page.

Whole service (unedited) – runs 1:14     Dropbox View/download.

Or you can access the different elements of the service below.

Opening 2 Songs – runs 7:28.     Dropbox View/download.
Prayer – runs 1:38.     Dropbox View/download.
Time with children – runs 9:13.     Dropbox View/download.
Song – This Is Amazing Grace – runs 3:57.     Dropbox View/download.
Prayer for Others – runs 6:43.     Dropbox View/download.
Bible Readings – runs 6:52.     Dropbox View/download.
Song – HelpUs O Lord to Learn – runs 1:36.     Dropbox View/download.
Message – runs 18:59.     Dropbox View/download.
Hymn – Just as I am – runs 6:11.     Dropbox View/download.

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