Sunday 3 November 2019

This is the worship service from Northside Uniting Church (Mackay), Sunday 3 November 2019.

You can click on the link for each video, view on DropBox, or download to use locally. Or you can view the videos on our page below.

Welcome and Psalm – runs 4:20.     Dropbox View/download.
Lord I Seek Your Righteousness – runs 2:15.     Dropbox View/download.
Let Us Break Bread Together – runs 2:23.     Dropbox View/download.
Holy Communion – runs 9:36.     Dropbox View/download.
Prayer for Others – runs 6:49.     Dropbox View/download.
Bible Readings – runs 3:53.     Dropbox View/download.
How Deep the Father’s Love – runs 3:52.     Dropbox View/download.
Message – runs 24:16.     Dropbox View/download.
Final Song and blessing – runs 3:14.     Dropbox View/download.

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