Blessings to you for 2023

9am Sunday Mornings
face-to-face and live streamed.

All are welcome.

More Like Jesus

We long to see more people, more like Jesus. With a relaxed attitude, the good news about Jesus is our message and the Holy Spirit our heartbeat. All are welcome here.

Gathered Worship Times

Northside - Sundays 9.00am. Face-to-face and live streamed here on our website. We also stream to Zoom for members who prefer this option.
Seaforth Uniting Church - 9am 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month.

Kids' Church

Kids' Church 9am Sunday mornings at Northside Mackay. This is a growing ministry, and the children love it. Learning about God is important for children (and adults), but they can have fun while doing it. Our new playground is a hit with the kids after Kids' Church.

Pastor Image
Rev Wayne McHugh
Rev Wayne joined us in 2016. Wayne is passionate about connecting people with God, and equally valuing all the gifts of God among the people of God. He is also a computer geek, so technology is never far away.
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New Playground in 2021

2021 will long be remembered as the year that we erected a children’s play are at Northside Mackay Uniting Church. The are had been fenced for quite a while in…

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Whatever we attend to will grow

Whatever you give attention to will grow. That is, if you have something to learn and you give it the right intention, you will learn it (or at least more than if you didn’t). If you have a skill you want to develop and you get training and you practice you will most certainly improve. At church this morning I showed people …

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